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World-class outpatient care at Centuria Medical Makati

MANILA, Philippines – A growing awareness on the possibility of picking up nosocomial, or hospital-acquired, infections is just one of the reasons why a number of people hesitate to visit their doctor in a hospital- based clinic. While it is true that top-notch medical institutions strive hard to maintain a meticulously sterile environment, a nagging apprehension can remain that the sheer number of patients with serious and highly infectious diseases within the hospital premises will make an entirely aseptic setting difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.  Taking into account the added anxiety and discomfort brought about by the increased possibility of hospital confinement (the patient is already within the hospital premises, after all); the worry over an extended hospital confinement and its attendant rapid accumulation of hospital bills; and even the momentary panic brought about by wailing ambulance sirens approaching the hospital, it is no longer surprising that many patients prefer to visit their doctors in a different, less stressful type of outpatient setting.

When discriminating patients expect excellent and prompt medical care but prefer to see their doctors in a less clinical, less intimidating but more comfortable environment, they deserve a well-planned and highly efficient facility.  This is the rationale behind Centuria Medical Makati. The 28-story state-of-the-art outpatient medical facility by premium property developer Century Properties Group houses close to 600 medical offices that offer professional medical care in a “hotel-like environment.”

Located within the upscale neighborhood of residential high-rises and commercial developments called Century City on Kalayaan Avenue, Centuria Medical Makati is equipped with the latest technology to help the most competent doctors deliver even more efficient healthcare. Apart from pre-wiring clinics for fast Internet access, electronic medical records (EMR) and picture archiving communications systems (PACS) make it easier for doctors to coordinate and refer the patient to other specialists should the patient’s condition require it.

Other health services include a diagnostic laboratory, digital imaging and pharmacy. The facility will also house a day surgery center for minor operations and luxurious recovery suites where patients can rest after their medical procedures.  And should the doctor deem that an outpatient consult will not suffice and hospitalization cannot be avoided, prompt ambulance transfer services are available for the convenience of the patient and his loved ones’ peace of mind. This is on top of Centuria having affiliations in tertiary hospitals, making referrals a breeze.

Patients can visit Centuria Medical Makati for a host of health concerns. The medical arts facility will house clinics catering to general medicine; multi-specialty practice; aesthetics/cosmetic surgery; dermatology; ear, nose and throat (ENT); ophthalmology; cardiology; oncology; neurology; psychiatry; obstetrics and gynecology; fertility; pediatrics; general surgery; orthopedics; urology; dentistry/orthodontics; anti-aging; geriatric medicine; pain care management; and wellness and complementary medicine, among others.

To lessen the worry over having to visit a doctor, the building will have efficient medical concierge services, ample parking spaces, and even valet parking services. Waiting for one’s medical appointment need not be an exercise in building tension because Century City Mall is practically a hop and skip away. As a pleasant place to shop and dine, the lifestyle destination is a good place to de-stress and relax before or even after seeing your doctor.

This is a time when medical tourism in the Philippines is picking up and more foreign patients are flocking to the country for healthcare and medical procedures. The standards of local healthcare are world-class, with more Filipino doctors recognized and lauded for their competence and commitment to excellence. More importantly, the empathy and genuine concern for the well-being of their patients enable Filipino physicians to stand out among their peers. It is for these doctors that Centuria Medical Makati has been built as a progressive medical arts facility. More than just a building to house their clinics and build their practices, the world-class facilities and support services of Centuria Medical Makati enable doctors to serve their local and foreign patients better.

Source: The Philippine Star | May 26, 2015

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