• General Manager

    The General Manager is the representative of the company and shall be entrusted with the direction and management of Centuria Medical Makati. The General Manager is responsible, in a complementary manner, to the Board of Directors duties and reports to the later about the company performance. The General Manager is legally liable for the company, and in this regard, must oversee the compliance of all legal requirements that affect the company businesses and operations.

  • Medical Services Group

    The Medical Services Group directly organizes and coordinates physician, patient and specialty center services, ensuring the appropriateness and quality of medical care in Centuria Medical Makati. They participate in administrative decision-making through the creation and establishment of policies and procedures, which are the application of medical, social, regulatory, political and economic factors relating to healthcare. They also take part in the facility’s surveillance and promotion of health safety.

    Outside of Centuria Medical Makati, they establish affiliation agreements with other healthcare institutions and help promote rapport between the facility and regulatory agencies, professional groups, insuring agencies, ambulance and emergency groups, and individual health care services.

  • Business Development Group

    The Business Development Group manages prospects for clients by generating interest in Centuria Medical Makati. Through the creation of innovative approaches, the team aims to persuade corporate accounts to do business with the company. Target sales and support structures will also be managed by the team in order to grow and retain existing accounts. The Business Development Group will report directly to the General Manager and will work with property management, marketing, other technical and in-house staff. Thorough knowledge of the market, competition, solutions as well as services of Centuria Medical Makati is the responsibility of the group to enhance the pipeline of new business for the company.

  • Leasing Group

    The Leasing Group provides the community with quality properties within the facility by assessing the needs of the clients they are assisting and affording them with a solution that is beneficial for all concerned parties. They are also active in the external marketing and advertising of vacancies.

  • Property Management Group

    The Property Management Group handles all concerns pertaining to building security and facility maintenance. They perform tasks in coordination with the different internal teams for the smooth day-to-day operations of the facility.

  • Marketing Group

    The Marketing Group accomplishes business development activities by researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans, implementing sales activities and managing staff. They achieve their objectives by identifying consumer requirements, defining the market and developing a strategic action plan that will best capitalize on market opportunities.

  • Information Management Group

    The Information Management Group is responsible for the smooth installation and implementation of technology within Centuria Medical Makati. Their primary function is to ensure the seamless integration of electronic medical records (EMR), patient queueing, physician and specialty center referrals.